This page is for WordPress developers to submit Gravity Forms examples to our website. Here are the instructions for submitting an example.

  1. Duplicate the form which will save it as a copy on your existing website next to your other forms.
  2. Edit the duplicated form to remove proprietary information of yourself and/or your clients like company name, e-mails, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Otherwise someone might download your form, import it to their website, test it, and you or your client will receive an e-mail notification because your e-mail was listed in the notifications!
  3. Double Check. Be sure to check the Form Editor, Form Settings, Confirmations, and Notifications for personal information.
  4. Triple Check. Before I add a form to this website, I will triple check the settings above to remove any personal information about the developer or client.
  5. Export the form via the Gravity Forms plugin backend. (Forms–>Import/Export–>Export Forms–>Select Form–>Download Export File). This will create an XML file on your computer.
  6. Create a CSS text file (optional). If you'd like to include custom CSS with your form submission, copy/paste your css code into a blank text document and save it to your computer.
  7. Compress into a ZIP file. Highlight your XML and TXT file and compress into a ZIP file. On most computers this is “Right Click–>Send To–>Compressed File”. We're all developers. We can figure out how to ZIP a file.
  8. Submit your ZIP file below.

Submit A Gravity Examples Form

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    Accepted file types: zip, Max. file size: 512 MB, Max. files: 5.
      Attach one or more ZIP files (up to 5). Use a separate ZIP file for each form.
      If 'Yes' we will list your name and business website as the author of this particular example form. Go for it! It's free advertisement to your business.